AION Online Now Live: Offical HD Launch Trailer & Queing Issues

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Aion Online went live as of 12:00 PDT today and is now open. The servers quickly filled up and server balancing was necessary. A queing system is in place although some users are getting messages that even the que is full. The problems are currently being addressed but continue to expect wait times.

Since NCSoft only has 18 AION Online servers with a 2,000 per server cap but 400,000 Aion Online pre-orders that means only 36,000 can play at a time. The average time in the que is 3 hours and the average que is 2,500 in size.

You can check out the server status for more info.

We recently featured a Kickass Aion Online Walkthrough. Now please enjoy the official high definition launch trailer. The official launch of the AION Online: Tower of Eternity massively multiplayer online role playing game is below.